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Whole House Carpet Cleaning Special
Prepare for spring
Hayy New Year
Help for the Holidays!
Holiday Sale!!


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Whole House Carpet Cleaning Special

Take advantage of our whole house carpet cleaning special through July, August, and September!!
Whole House $140.00, any size!
See our 5 star rating at www.servicemagic.com
Remember that we also clean upholstered furniture and mattresses. You may also want the upholstery and carpet cleaned in your car. We can do that for you on our way out; just ask us for a price!
Call Today 256-721-5600
Ask for Marty

Prepare for spring

Now is the time to start the wholeSpring Cleaning Process!
Thats' right, become pro-active about your house cleaning and you will spend the weekends and summer months sitting in a chair sipping a nice cold sweet tea while your neighbors scurry about trying to tie all the loose ends all summer long!
How can I start ? you may be thinking...and why now?
2 excellent questions!
You can start by setting your timer for 15 minutes and then starting in each bathroom by scrubbing the sink, washing the floor and baseboards and then go staright to the tub area.

Hayy New Year

December 28,2010
Welcome to the M & M Website ! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to one and All !!!
This is the last post for this year so please bear with me as I try to put all of my thoughts here.
First, Thank you one and all for your support and allowing us to be of service to you this past year. We so appreciated meeting new Customers and also renewing friendships with old Clients.
Next, we would like to encourage you to tell friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about the services we provide.

Help for the Holidays!

Help for the holidays!
Hi All,
Do you ever just get so tired of all of the "busy ness" that goes with Holidays? I sure do!!
I can help with atleast one thing tho...or maybe 2...call us today and make an appointment to have your carpet cleaned now. Avoid the mad rush days before the family comes calling. We can also clean your furniture and refresh those mattresses so the "overnighters" won't encounter some uninvited inhabitant in that mattress. Yep, it could happen !

Holiday Sale!!

Preparing for the Holidays !!!!!
Book your carpet cleaning now!!
$130.00 for whole house (3 Bedrooms,Living Room. Dining Room)
Ask us about furniture cleaning and mattress cleaning.
call today 256-721-5600

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Tip of the Week:
In order for you carpet to last longer, have it cleaned regularly.  We recommend every 6 months with scotchguarding to prevent stain damage.
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